Lincoln Penny 1943

The highest amount paid for a 1943 copper cent was 82500 in 1996. A subsequent piece sold for 10000 at an ANA convention in 1981.

The Finest Known 1943 S Bronze Lincoln Cent Was Sold For One Million Dollars Recently Rare Coins Worth Money Rare Pennies Antique Coins

Still there are many survivors certainly enough to satisfy coin collector demand.

Lincoln penny 1943. Uncirculated Lincoln Wheat Penny 1943 Year US Coin Errors Uncirculated Steel 1943 Year Lincoln Wheat US Small Cents 1909-1958 1943 Lincoln Wheat Copper Small Cents 1943 Year Lincoln Wheat US Small Cents Uncirculated Steel Lincoln Wheat US Small Cents 1909-1958 Steel PCGS 1943 Year Lincoln Wheat US Small Cents 1909-1958. This page also shows coins listed for sale so you can buy and sell. More than 13 billion Lincoln Wheat Penny coins were minted in 1957 which makes this second-to-last issue of the Lincoln Cent series one of the most common.

Diagnostics for a Genuine 1943 Copper Penny James Bucki What to Do If You Think You Have One. Due to the high number of 1957 Penny survivors this coin remains quite inexpensive to this day. Originally Brenners signature appeared on the obverse of the coin.

Coin Value Prices Price Chart Coin Photos Mintage Figures Coin Melt Value Metal Composition Mint Mark Location Statistics Facts. 1943 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Steel Cent. The story behind copper 1943 Lincoln Pennies is presumed to be a pure accident at the US.

A record auction price for this type of uncirculated coin was set in 2006 when 14950 was paid for a MS67RD graded by PCGS. If you have performed the test linked above and you truly believe your 1943 Lincoln penny is the rare copper variety you need to have it authenticated by a professional. 1909-S VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent Medallion 1 ADVP Oz 999 Fine Copper Round.

To the reverse of the coin at the bottom between the stalks of the wheat ears. 1943 LINCOLN STEEL WHEAT CENT PENNY ROLL 50 COINS nice coins. A 1943 copper cent was first offered for sale in 1958 bringing more than 40000.

When that part of the design was rejected he then added his three initials VDB. The 1943 Lincoln penny is made up of copper and has been described as the most famous coin made in error according to Heritage Auctions which is auctioning off the coin. A 1946 Lincoln penny minted in Philadelphia with no mark will also be worth anything from face value to 217 for a MS63 depending on the condition and color.

1936-S Penny Value San Francisco Mint Among all regular-issue 1936 Lincoln cents the San Francisco version is the scarcest of the 3 with a mintage of only 29130000. 1969 pennies can still be found in pocket change but theyre getting more difficult to find with each passing year. Buy Sell This Coin.

1943-S copper Lincoln Wheat Penny 185000 The 1943-S copper cent is the one of the most valuable small cents with one example having sold for a cool 1 million at an auction in 2012. Lincoln was chosen as a subject for the penny to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth. Unlike pennies made since 1982 which are mainly zinc all 1969 Lincoln cents are made from a composition consisting of 95 copper 5 zinc.

Mint perhaps a few leftover copper planchets from 1942 were stuck in the coining press system and struck with. So what are 1969 pennies worthHow rare are they. Heres everything you want to know about 1969 penny values.

If you find a worn 1936-S penny in circulation its value is between 10 and 20 cents. UNCIRCULATED 1943 Steel Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny FREE SHIPPING.

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