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A string of heartening victories buoyed Lincolns ticket and contributed significantly to his re-election. His condition was.

Abraham Lincoln Quotes Assassination Height Biography

In 1864 Lincoln ran again for President.

Abraham lincoln presidency term. After years of war he feared he would not win. He contracted smallpox in 1863 during an 1863 to 1864 epidemic in Washington DC. Grant the quiet general now in command of all of the Union armies begin to bear fruit.

Abraham Lincoln the 16th US. He has been depicted in a wide range of forms including alternative timelines animation documentary small cameos and fictionalized interpretations. Only in the final months of the campaign did the exertions of Ulysses S.

President was born February 12 1809 near Hodgenville Ky into a poor frontier family. The latter was the worse of the two cases. A self-taught lawyer he also served in the Illinois legislature and the US.

Abraham Lincolns health has been the subject of both contemporaneous commentary and subsequent hypotheses by historians and scholarsUntil middle age his health was fairly good for the timeHe contracted malaria in 1830 and 1835. Lincoln has often been portrayed by Hollywood almost always in a flattering light. Since his death in 1865 Abraham Lincoln has been an iconic American figure depicted usually favorably or heroically in many forms.

Abraham Lincoln fought clinical depression all his life and if he were alive today his condition would be treated as a character issuethat is as a political liability.

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